Many Stories, Many Apps

A guide to create Apps using the ManyStories project APIs.

This is the repository for the Apps that are using the APIs and data from

There is a website for these Apps at:

You can create an App too and get it listed here.

Available APIs

1. RESTful API

Documentation about this API can be found at restapi.


Documentation about this API can be found at sparql.

License of the Data

All the data are available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 but this can change. In any case the license will be an Open license and it will be compatible with the CKAN platforms. We are using licenses from

Furthermore the license can be found on the API resource of each item (example).

License of the Apps

You must have an open source license for your App. If you are not sure about the license take some help at The license must be included on your App folder as txt or md file.

How to submit an App

You can make a pull request on this repository. Of course you need to fork it first.

Are there any html markup that need to contain in a web App

You are free to create your App as you prefer. There are no any styling guidelines etc. Though it would be fair to contain the information below on the top, sidebar or bottom of your App which are: