Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project exactly

Please see the related web page About.

What is a Story

Story is a piece of content up to 400 characters with a title and some fields such as categories, postal address, external link and an associated media content usually taken from the public social media. So imagine the Story as a very small blog post or as a tweet or facebook post with more fields. Stories in this project represent the pebbles in the heart of the city. Many stories create one heart.

Who can create a Story

Everyone can create a Story. You don't have to be a citizen of Thessaloniki or speak Greek. The only requirement is to create an account on the website and have a Story to say!

How can I browse the Stories

Just go to the Stories section and you will see the Stories in a list display sorted my date published (latest come first). Furthermore on the bottom of the website there is a bar with many navigation options. When you are on a Story page you can navigate to the Next or Previous Story, open or close the Story details etc. There are some useful keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate on the website (on the website press "?" to get a help popup about keyboard navigation).

How can I search on Stories

You can use the Search button on the bottom bar of the website. Search is powerful, try it and see.

How can I create a user Account

By registering a user account you become a Story Teller that means you can write Stories and manage your own Stories. Creating a user account is pretty simple. The only thing you need is to have an email account and pick a username and a password. You will have to validate your email though to complete your registration. To simplify things we provide also 3rd party account registration through common social network authentication (twitter, Facebook, Google+) so there is no need to add your email and password to login every time.

How can I delete my user Account

You can do this easily through your Account page. Notice that there is a human being behind this process (mainly for security reasons) so your account will not be deleted immediately.

How can I report a Story

If you believe a Story is harmful, spam, offensive etc and/or in generally it does not respect the Terms of Use you can send as an email to "hi [at] manystoriesoneheart [dot] gr" including the Story url as also as a description of the issue.

What is "Good" Story to write

First of all the Story must have a (strong) relation to Thessaloniki.

Please, use only English language so more people can read your Story.

Each Story will be shared among people.

Be imaginative, polite and love your Story.

Respect copyright policy of 3rd party content you may use.

Avoid copy-pasting text directly from websites if it is not allowed to. Rewrite texts if so.

There is no restriction to avoid promoting business or other for-profit organizations or events but bear in mind that your Story has to follow the general achievement of this project which can be found in details on the About page.

Your Story may stay on the history of the city too so enjoy it and take this chance seriously. The best way to write a good Story is to browse the website before writing.

What oEmbed services can I use

We are using service to provide a wide range of external media providers. Through the oEmbed protocol we respect content of the media providers by doing a "Fair use". So in fact we support all the oEmbed providers (more than 300) that are supported by the service.

How can I contribute, report a technical issue etc

Please see the related Developers page.

How can I reuse the Stories

We put a lot of effort in reusing and sharing Stories of this website. There is a Restful API, RDF, SPARQL Endpoint, RSS and of course the Website that allows the content to be shared. All the Stories are published under a Public Data license which is included on the HTML of each page or on the Restful and SPARQL endpoint accordingly. If you want to create an App and get it listed on this project follow the instructions at

How to use the Bookmark

On the bottom of the website there is a bookmarklet which is a bookmark that does an action on the browser. Drag this bookmarklet on your bookmarks and every time you click on while viewing a webpage you will be redirected to the add new Story form filled in with content from that webpage. It is like a shortcut that makes it easy to create a new Story from any website.

Which device should I use to have the best experience

We tried a lot to offer an excellent experience for every device and for every browser that someone can use. Being responsive by default the website can be accessed by any known web capable device such as mobile, tablet, laptop etc. Not only the content but also the add new Story form etc. We could say that on tablet devices you may have the greatest experience but this is because the 3rd party (embeded) content such as images - which is usually coming from social media - is created and used for smaller size screens.