How to install this Drupal profile

Before starting check the Drupal documentation guides at

You may need to have basic programming knowledge.

// Download drupal on the folder of your website (let's call this www)
cd www

// The best method is using Drush.
drush dl drupal-7.41

// If you don't have drush

// You will now have this structure
// 'www/drupal-7.41/'

// Remove the sites/all folder
cd drupal-7.41
rm -r sites/all

// Clone this repository while being at root/drupal-7.41
git clone

// Move drupal/sites/all folder into sites/all
mv drupal/sites/all sites/

// Install Drupal normally. Select the minimal profile.

// On you new website enable the backup_migrate module
drush en -y backup_migrate

// Go to the backup and migrate settings (admin/config/system/backup_migrate/restore) and restore the demo database found below.

Demo database

Drupal admin

  • user: admin
  • pass: admin


By default only one Story is provided on the demo and all the other pages are empty pointing to the online documentation.


After installing the demo database go to the site Dashboard (/admin/dashboard) and add/edit settings.